14 photos of Changsha in 1970

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21. On October 1, 1970, Hunan Province held a meeting to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.2. In 1970, Hua Guofeng planted rice seedlings in Dongtundu Commune, a suburb of Changsha, Hunan.April 17, 1970: Birth Certificate of a baby issued in Changsha.4.1970, MAO zedong propaganda team of changsha municipal corporation.5. Changsha Oil Ticket, 1970.6. In 1970, a family in Changsha was making briquettes. This artifact of briquettes, which had been passed down for generations, still exists in the memories of most of the rural post-90s generation.7. “Certificate of Merit”, Changsha Hongqi No.1 School, 1970.8. Female embroidery workers in Changsha, 1970.9. Snow scene of Xuemayuan Bay, Changsha city, 1970.On September 28, 1970, Changsha City issued eight regulations on rectifying public order in urban streets.11. Corner of changsha shop, 1970.12. Riverside of Xiangjiang River in Changsha, 1970.13. Graduation photo of Class B, Grade 6, Primary School attached to Jishou Civil Division, 1970.14.1970, working in changsha pot factory, taking photos with colleagues while playing outside on rest days.