Classics open: Spring Festival eve walk village to publicize fire fighting knowledge

2022-06-23 0 By

In order to further improve the people’s awareness of fire safety, to maintain the area during the winter and spring season fire safety situation continued and stable, to ensure that the people have a good Spring Festival, On January 28, the district fire rescue brigade in-depth cuifeng street Yanguantun Community Tian Guantun village to carry out the village to send fire knowledge activities.In the activity, the publicity staff and volunteers of the brigade went door to door under the leadership of community grid members to conduct door-to-door inspection guidance and publicity services.Every one, brigade publicist use straightaway language patience introduce people to home security with fire, electricity, gas and so on the basic knowledge of fire prevention and how to use opportunely side items put out a fire pan of common household, household appliances, how to troubleshoot family fire hazard, how to properly report to the police, fire control safety knowledge such as how to conduct the fire evacuation escape,And send “fire safety common sense”, “Electric vehicle accident prevention common sense”, “fire safety little common sense” and other fire knowledge manuals.This activity, a total of more than 200 copies of publicity manuals, to help more than 70 families to solve fire problems, through face-to-face publicity and explanation, one to one interaction, effectively the fire safety knowledge to the villagers home, to comprehensively improve the villagers fire safety awareness and self-rescue skills to lay a solid foundation.Jingkai District fire rescue Brigade