Ding Yanyuhang condition is very good, Jiao Hailong will come back, Shandong opening game and Guangdong contend for height

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Ding Yanyu navigation training status is very good, JiaoHaiLong back, to compete and Beijing shougang and shenzhen CBA with less than half a month to go before the third stage, the current training teams is in full swing, the reinforcement of reinforcement, the elimination of obsolete, foreign aid is not sure, is already in place, and even some team is at the beginning of the third stage the team roster,You can say every team is making final preparations, ready to go, ready to go.Shandong men’s basketball team at 15-13 currently ranks 10 in the league, the third stage will compete in foshan, the tenth and this is not a very stable rank, as is known to all, the most obvious feature of the third stage foshan division is very much, such as in the 8th Beijing shougang, 11 BeiKong basketball, 13 of the xinjiang men’s basketball team, and in the 14th men’s basketball team in tianjin,Shandong men’s basketball team sandwiched in the middle, being attacked on both sides.From shandong men’s basketball team in the third stage, the calendar, a total of 10 games, respectively is March 8 p.m 1 against the guangdong men’s basketball team, against the tianjin team at about 11 a.m. on March 3rd, March 6th against shenzhen men’s basketball team at 3 PM, on March 8 afternoon 3 PM against Beijing shougang, on March 10, 30 against fujian men’s basketball team at 3 PM,March 12:7:35 PM vs. Shenzhen, March 15:8 PM vs. Tianjin, March 17:8 PM vs. Fujian, March 20:11 am vs. Beijing shougang, March 22: the second match against Guangdong, time to be determined.Shandong and Beijing shougang two games men’s basketball team in the third stage, and guangdong men’s basketball team two games, two games, and tianjin to fujian two games men’s basketball team, and also have two games to shenzhen men’s basketball team, the guangdong team ranked fifth, men’s basketball team in shenzhen no. 6, Beijing shougang no. 8, these teams ranking is in front of the shandong men’s basketball team, good, especially in guangdong province and shenzhen strength,It can be seen that the third stage of Shandong men’s basketball schedule is very difficult, every step is difficult, for Shandong men’s basketball team in the third stage is a great challenge.Shandong men’s basketball team to win guangdong men’s basketball team will be lost, although can a spell and men’s basketball team in shenzhen, Beijing shougang, Beijing shougang to keep this playoff tickets, however, for the shandong men’s basketball game, Beijing shougang will go all out, shandong men’s basketball team goes all out in guangdong, but has a much better chance spell in shenzhen and Beijing shougang, also prevent the xinjiang men’s basketball team and tianjin basketball playoffs,So shandong men’s basketball was attacked on both sides.But GongLuMing still want the third stage has a good result, to the next level, it is said that the current Ding Yanyu navigation and JiaoHaiLong have return, in training Ding Yanyu air condition is good, find the handle, and the third foreign aid has signed a contract to determine 211 centimeters of big foreign aid Eric aronson, estimated that can join the team at the end of the third stage, so the shandong men’s basketball team situation is good,There will be no small change in the third stage, we must fight guangdong and Shenzhen, win Beijing Shougang, block Xinjiang men’s basketball team and Beikong, and strive for greater victory!