From “Know” many female characters realize, love yourself, to understand the seven truths

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I am using the text warm your evening words, click the top blue button to pay attention to me oh.I remember that when I first watched “Do you Know”, I was at a confused stage in my life. I had a lot of difficulties in my career and relationship, and I was not confident about myself.But in the process of watching this drama, I learned a lot from many female characters, which made me understand that you don’t need to love yourself to have a better life.After all these years, my life has changed dramatically and I have grown up a lot, but I still revisit the show every year and find strength in it each time.In my opinion, “Do you Know” not only tells us a story, but also conveys an attitude towards life, so that we can understand what we want and what we should do.And what I learned the most is that only when a woman loves herself can she live with dignity, be free and free, and be truly happy.We all say it a lot about loving ourselves, but it’s really hard to do.But do you know how beautiful the world is, depends on how much we love ourselves. Only those who love themselves can truly feel the beauty of the world and protect themselves.So today, I would like to share with you the seven truths about loving yourself that I have learned from many female characters in Know or Not. I hope everyone can find the best way to love themselves and have their own best happiness.In The movie, many people like Sheng Minglan, but I particularly like Sheng Ru LAN, because she loves herself very much, so she lives a real life.In fact, it is more appropriate to say “like” than “envy”, because Sheng Minglan’s love for herself is mainly reflected in her ability to love and hate herself, do what she wants to do, and live the life she wants.And she was able to do so because she grew up in a loving environment.Ru LAN was the legitimate daughter of Lady Wang, and her father loved her very much.Although she is older than Minlan, she is actually more like the youngest daughter in the family.Such a congenital advantage is not everyone can have, but she is such, let us see how real women who have the right to love themselves can live, and let us see how happy life can be.Of course, most people in reality are not as lucky as Rulan, we may be more like Minlan, or even worse.But I think we still have to work hard, with their own ability to offset the family of origin did not give us the lucky, so that they have the ability to love themselves, because living true, is the ability to love their own women’s rights.People who love themselves respect themselves very much. To love themselves is to love themselves. It is to respect your feelings and keep your bottom line no matter when it comes to it.The reason why Sheng Minglan can go against the wind and make everyone look up to her is because she loves herself and knows how to respect herself.In the face of feelings that do not suit her, she will stop her loss in time, in the face of things she does not want to do, she will resolutely refuse, this woman lives fully and has principles, we should learn from the model.Please remember, when you compromise again and again, people will know that you are a bottomless person, they can trample on your self-esteem, at that point, you can only let others hurt you, after all, the weapon to hurt you, is you hand out.Love yourself, respect yourself, listen to your inner voice, hold on, I believe you can.When a person really begins to love themselves, she will not long for others’ affirmation, but to live their own life, this is mature.As the daughter of the Sheng family, Moran is a woman who does not know how to love herself.Being spoiled by Lin Xiaoniang and Hong Sheng since she was young, she has no mature heart and no ability to think independently. She only believes in the bad thoughts instilled by Lin Xiaoniang. She is vain and wants to marry into a rich family, even destroying her innocence.Later, she is despised by everyone for her lack of self-love and pays the price for her immaturity.Compared with her, Sheng Minglan and Sheng Hualan are much more mature, so they have enviable happiness.Love yourself, and you’ll grow up, and then you’ll know what you really want and take control of your life.In “Know whether”, besides Sheng Minglan, I particularly like a woman, Lady Zhang.She is the daughter of the imperial palace. Although she married the general as a second husband, she did not get his love at the beginning, but she was always full of confidence, which made me see the best state of a woman who loves herself.Loving ourselves has nothing to do with anyone else. We can live our lives as long as we want to.And “if you are in full bloom breeze” is also the best interpretation of love yourself this thing, like the later Lady Zhang, let the general see her good, but also to fulfill the best happiness.Think about it, if she had been a woman without confidence from the beginning, or lost confidence because her husband didn’t love her, and then abandoned herself, she would never be happy.So, no matter what you are experiencing now, please must insist on loving yourself, do their own sun, and strive to light up their own life, please believe that you will be happy.We always say, to love yourself, so what is the real love of yourself?I think loving yourself means following your heart and making your life easier.Just like Sheng Minglan, she told the old lady of the Sheng family, if really can not meet the right person, he will not marry, anyway, also have a little private money, eat and fish every day, go out to play, is also very good.Such a Sheng Minglan, let us see the heart strong woman sa.Because she has the ability to support her life, she can trust herself to love herself without making herself compromise with people and things she doesn’t like, and get trapped in endless conflicts, and she has the confidence to make her life simple.I wish we could all become women who love themselves more and live more simply.People who love themselves, cherish being able to live in the present is actually a very good state, but many people always like to indulge in the past, and some people do not know how to be satisfied.Just like Little Niang Lin, she has clearly got the love of Hong Sheng and everything in the Sheng family, but she is not satisfied. She still wants Mo LAN to marry into a rich family and wants more.In fact, she has never loved herself or anyone else, but is driven by vanity and does not know what she wants.I hope you understand that only when you are satisfied with every present, it is possible to live well every tomorrow. Please learn to cherish and love yourself. In this way, you will be well loved and grow up in happiness.People who love themselves, will love themselves, is to take good care of themselves, take care of their body, take care of their emotions.The woman who doesn’t know how to love herself the most in “Do you Know” is Moran. She doesn’t know how to cherish her own fame and happiness. She doesn’t think about the future and her family for the sake of prosperity and wealth.So later, she was rejected by her husband’s family and had no family to rely on, becoming the worst of the Sheng’s daughters.Semelan’s fate is what she deserves, but we can also see from her that a woman must love herself, which is our bottom line and a weapon to protect herself.Of course, living in the modern society, we need to understand that self-love is not only emotional aspects, we also need to take good care of their own body, to insist on living the best of their own, this is the best performance of love themselves.Loving yourself is never empty talk. Taking care of yourself, improving yourself, and being true to your heart are all ways to love yourself.Among the many female characters in Do you Know, some love themselves very much, some don’t, and their endings are all telling us that women who love themselves are most likely to do well in life, because they have lived their lives to understand these things, and life moves forward in a good direction.May you also learn to love yourself, understand these truths, and achieve your own best happiness.I am Xi Yan, a columnist, an old girl who likes to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the book “The Rest of your Life is related to me”. If you have a story, please come to me.