Guo Xiaoting: 85 flower do supporting role, by Chen Kaige said performance does not move a person, now rely on acting counterattack

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In 2009, an ancient puppet drama produced five top stars.Thirteen years later, the series is still frequently trending and watched over and over again by viewers. Even the NG sidelays are more popular than some of the current dramas.The actress, who has played a supporting role in the show, recently impressed the audience with her role as a crazy beauty in Meet you.Therefore, she was mentioned again for her role as jacaranda in Chinese Paladin 3.At the same time, due to rehearsal problems, was called “green tea knife girl”, was also pointed out.That, today, let’s talk about: once for Hu Ge, 85 flower Yang Mi Liu Shi Tang Yan make match guo Xiaoting, actor on the road of those things.01 Born in 1993, Guo Xiaoting is a native of Shanghai girl, beautiful and gentle.When she was four, her parents enrolled her in dance classes.The place that learns dance, often have advertisement company to choose small actor, Guo Xiaoting depends on excellent external condition, be chosen for many times.5 years old that year, Guo Xiaoting was “true confession” cast to find, to the role is female when she was a child, the role of qu Ying is played.As for acting, Guo’s parents were supportive at first, because she was shy at that time, and they hoped that she could work in the cast to meet more people and practice herself.But after high school, her parents didn’t want her to act anymore.After all, parents want their children to go to college and find a stable job.But Guo, who had already made several dramas, fell in love with acting from the bottom of her heart. “Acting is fun and you can experience a lot of different lives,” she said.In order to assure her parents that she would not delay her studies, she worked harder than her classmates, because only when her grades reached the standard could she convince her parents that she could fight for the chance to continue acting.Now Guo Xiaoting, should be very grateful to himself at that time burning the midnight oil, because of her efforts and persistence, has now been more audience to see the opportunity.And after looking at Guo Xiaoting’s resume, feel that she is more and more attention of the audience, in addition to their own efforts, her luck is also very good.02 to tell the truth, Guo Xiaoting’s luck is really good.Since acting, contact with the production crew, are very good.The first play of Guo Xiaoting’s life, it is the idol play with extremely high degree of public praise discussion “true feelings confession”.Anyone who has watched the show should have screamed for the Hu bing there.At the beginning after watching this play, a lot of people are knock Hu Bing and Qu Ying this PAIR of CP, they are not together in reality, also became a lot of people’s meaning.At that time, Guo Xiaoting, although did not get the attention of the audience, but got a lot of attention from the cast.After “Confessions”, she played gu Yiluo in “Life Is Wrong” and xiao Yuesun in “Call Mommy”.It was these roles that got her the chance to star in Chinese Paladin 3.As the little jacaranda potato, she made her loyalty and love to her master come to life and became the irreplaceable jacaranda actor in the hearts of many audiences.After that, she drew attention again with the role of Lady Min Min in The drama “Step By Step”.It was also this play that made guo Xiaoting # make up her mind: take acting as her career.Pat “step by step startled heart” when, Guo Xiaoting is in the top three, originally want to enter oneself for an examination art school, but because very homesickness, so she only reported Shanghai drama academy!It was her only option, so she had to work harder.Star is not on the road, Guo Xiaoting successfully on the play.In school, Guo Xiaoting never stopped acting and applied what she learned in class to practice.From “Tiger Mom Cat Dad”, “Xianjian Cloud fan”, “Big Marriage Style”, “The Sky, the Sea”, and “Blood Together”, “Blame You Too Beautiful”, the actors are gulinaza, Yang Zi, Feng Shaofeng, Qin LAN and so on.She also appeared in the acting variety show “Actors in Position.”But these dramas, the effect, is far less than Xian 3 “and” Bu Bu Jing Xin “.She was even called “Green tea knife girl” for her remarks in “Actors in Place.”At that time, Guo Xiaoting and Yang Zhigang co-starred in beneficiary, but after the performance, it was rejected by all directors.”It’s a pity that we didn’t rehearse and I don’t know how to deal with it,” Guo said of his and Yang’s comments on acting separately.This point, in the rehearsal video released by the variety show, guo Xiaoting can be seen in communication with Yang Zhigang, want to rehearse together.But Mr. Yang’s attitude is that there is no need to rehearse.As for the comedy part that the directors were not satisfied with, Guo xiaoting said the reason for adding the comedy: “Those comedies are also where Yang and I disagree.”And add comedy this point, Dapeng also mentioned in the program not optimistic, because beneficiary itself is a partial tragedy story.But because Yang Zhigang too insist, dapeng and Guo Xiaoting may be out of respect for predecessors, so no longer adhere to the attitude of comedy.However, It turns out that Yang’s idea of adding comedy was wrong.And, Guo Xiaoting put the rehearsal, we add comedy or not differences, got on the surface said.As soon as this was said, the bullet screen began to brush “she is shaking the pot, the tea art division line”.But now look at this matter, many people on Guo Xiaoting’s behavior, more than a understanding.After all, she was a new actress at that time, and she wanted to show her ability as much as possible in the face of famous directors such as Chen Kaige and Er Dongsheng. She hoped to be directed by the director and get some opportunities to play major roles in the future.But can not deny, this matter does give Guo Xiaoting’s image, had a negative impact, many people to her acting is not very recognition.Until recently, the ancient puppet drama “met with you at the beginning”, after years of honed acting, was discovered by more people.Guo Xiaoting played shunde fairy, discussion heat not lose hot ba played female ji Yunhe.In addition to the role of crazy people set up support, Guo Xiaoting’s original lines, also become her circle of powder.The most popular entry in 04 was “Shunde Fairy Disfigured Original soundtrack featurette”.This section of the drama, Guo Xiaoting’s emotional explosive force in place, the original lines clearly, the high shunde Fairy disfigured after the pain and despair of hysteria, passed to the audience.I remember in “Actors please Sit”, Chen Kaige once commented on her “performance skills to complete the task of fragments, completely unable to move people.Judging from guo Xiaoting’s performance in “I Met you at the beginning”, she has branded Chen’s words in her heart and has been seeking to break through her performance bottleneck.Now Guo xiaoting has gained more audience recognition for her acting skills.But, as Xiao Yan Zi suggested to her at the beginning: “If you want to move forward, I think every actress has to think about how they can act differently from others, but I acted right, I acted right.”Guo xiaoting’s dedication to acting will have to continue if she wants to play more diverse roles.Such a good script, and then rely on acting support, that may become the next acting by the fire of the actor, it will be just around the corner.Although people like Guo Xiaoting, I hope she can explode.”I don’t think much of being famous,” guo said, “but if I had a higher profile, IT might be easier to get the roles I like.”In order to get a character you like, you have to be famous.One way to increase popularity is to become a top streamer and have a large number of fans.Another way is to rely on acting to expand passers-by.After all, good actors can’t stay out of the spotlight forever.The two roads, from cristy answer “how do you think be actor, in order to be reached the standard of” in my mind the question, can see she want to go on acting ones: “I see this role, want to say anything, just directly to accurately express. The audience to see my name, feel can be recognized, also want to see me play.”Want to know more wonderful content, will pay attention to honey film entertainment is sweet quickly!Liu Yifei Li now new PLAY CP atmosphere feeling good, Ouyang Xiu that word is very suitable for her role xiao Zhan direct shot video sent what?Was mistaken for a fake number?The comments from the fans are both funny and damaging. Why didn’t Bai Jingting become the top flow?4 Career Turning Points that Revealed True ambition?William Chan and Zhang Ruonan 11 years younger as a couple!A new role. He did it eight years ago and he won an award