In order to ensure that the business can resume production in time, they moved their office here…Love Life warm heart spring

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Recently, a special area was set up in THE R2 restaurant of the First phase of The Guangda Shanghai Manufacturing City Living Area in the Songjiang Comprehensive free trade Zone, which has become a place for the community police and community assistants to come to work.New employees of Quanta group can directly register their information here, simplifying the process of this work and improving the efficiency of the enterprise, which can be described as multiple benefits.At 3 p.m. on Feb. 9, the restaurant became bustling with busloads of new employees.”Please show me your id card.”With that, the community coordinator pointed his mobile phone at the ID card, quickly completed the registration of population information, and stamped the dormitory entry form.In this way, new employees can go to the dormitory to check in.”The number of people registering every day is currently around 700, and at its peak it can reach around 3,000 a day.”Liu Dongping, a police officer at the Rongle East Road police station, told reporters that The Quanta Group’s employment peak around the Spring Festival. In order to facilitate the registration of new employees’ population information, they set up a registration point here in November last year, which is open from 13:00 to 21:00 every day.”Setting up this dot is one of our measures to do practical things for the people. It avoids the rush of new employees to register and collect population information more quickly and accurately.”Liu Dongping said.Under normal circumstances, the collection of population information is collected by community assistants or enterprises to arrange personnel for centralized declaration, which is unavoidable for employees and staff to go back and forth and repeatedly declare.He Haojie, director of the management center of Songjiang Comprehensive Insurance Zone, said that after the Spring Festival, enterprises in the comprehensive insurance zone ushered in the employment peak. In order to ensure the timely resumption of work and production, the comprehensive insurance zone set up a number of convenient service points, such as population information collection point, nucleic acid testing point, for enterprises to facilitate the early entry of employees.Text and pictures: Li Yubo Editor: Xia Ting, Xu Ping, Zhou Yuwei