Leading the trend of street running, Changan Auchan X5 sport edition was selected by young people to buy a car list

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Nowadays, if we ask what hobbies do young people have?The answer must be everything, like parkour, outdoor skiing, street photography, esports…These must be on the list.Of course, if you can drive a surging power car, we must also enjoy it.For young people, want to take into account the various needs of daily cars, but also let yourself experience the “speed and passion”, you need to carefully choose when buying a car, such as Changan Auchan X5 sport edition is very good, its various Settings, are very in line with the needs of young people’s car.Sports suite blessing, suction eye look more dynamic changan auchan X5 sports version of the design, at the same level models in appear very bright eye, because it and the traditional suvs have quite different – the vehicle structure design is relatively slow and smooth, “aesthetics” plastic light design concept gives it more delicate and full of visual sense,The roof line of the small slip back makes it a bit sporty beauty of Coupe models, with distinctive strength on the outline.It also features an exclusive design called “Orange Power Sports Kit”, which takes a more racing and sporty design and uses orange as a color theme.There are many embellishments in the intake grille, front enclosure, side skirt and so on.The large orange windbreaker sports rear wing above the rear is very F1 style, adding downforce and looking lively.The diffuser under the rear and the double exhaust are equally sharp, making the appearance of the vehicle dynamic and eye-catching.Professional racing class interior, driving more sense of ceremony changan Auchan X5 sport edition in addition to the exterior design looks very sports, very fashionable, very new accident, its interior design is also very elegant, and the exterior design has a perfect echo.For example, a large number of orange decorations have been added to the car. Orange elements in the steering wheel, door panels, seats and other positions make the car look energetic and have driving desire, and also reflect the aesthetic characteristics of young people pursuing sports.In addition, Changan Aushang X5 sports version also spent a lot of ideas on the interior to fit the “movement” two words.The 12 o ‘clock position of the steering wheel, for example, has been added to the unique “righting indicator” of the racing steering wheel, so that those in the know can understand its motion positioning.For example, its front seat adopts the “integrated racing style seat” similar to the structure of the racing barrel chair, so that the occupants can always feel the call of “movement”, and every time they drive, they feel full of ritual.Power surging and overtaking mode, performance comparable to small steel gun power, is the soul of a model, for the movement of the positioning of the model is even more so.Changan auchan X5 sports section is equipped with the blue whale NE1.5 T turbo engine can output a maximum power of 132 kilowatts and 300 cattle, peak torque, at the same level of models is quite rare, with high performance of the blue whale seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, vehicle 000 just 7.79 seconds faster, and have a visual sense of the app?This is not over, Changan Auchan X5 sport edition also has a close small design to make people very satisfied, it has the sport version of the exclusive “overtaking mode”, tap the steering wheel on the orange “S” mark can be opened.In the overtaking mode, the power system will go into a violent state like beating the blood of a horse, and frantically output higher power and torque, so that the vehicle can also increase the power output under the limit state. The driving experience is very radical, which can make people rush adrenaline. The subjective experience is not much different from that of a race car.Write in the end: someone may say, like changan Auchan X5 sport version of all parties table performance is very ideal, especially the power level so good models, the price must be the kind of ordinary people can not bear.But changan auchan X5 sports edition does not according to the formula to the card, it 100000 yuan s pricing makes most of the young people can afford just entering society and its orientation is not sport rather than domestic demand, therefore, it is a fully functional, wide adaptability of the new SUV, 2022 to buy a car, choose changan auchan X5 sports version of it.