Li Yuan’s rebellion was forced by the situation or premeditated. It would have been difficult not to be an emperor to have made so many preparations

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At the end of the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Yang Guang because of excessive consumption of national strength, resulting in people suffering, and the three campaigns against Koguryo and the west campaign against Tuguhun, labor and money, causing the country have raised the banner of uprising.There was one force, which did not represent the destitute peasants, but which rose up at Nanyang and captured Chang ‘an, and that force was Li Yuan’s army.After the Jiangdu Mutiny, Li Yuan proclaimed himself king of Tang and proclaimed Yang Yu emperor.As Emperor Yang Guang was killed by Yuwenji, Li Yuan believed that he had no scruple and directly forced Yang Yu to live in his place. From then on, the Sui Dynasty officially collapsed and the Tang Dynasty stood on the top of history.The rebellion of Li Yuan, a trusted member of the imperial court, is regarded by some as an inevitable trend, while others believe that Li Yuan had planned it for a long time. Today we will talk about it.Li Yuan was a descendant of Li Hao, the founding monarch of Xiliang. Li Yuan’s mother had a more prominent family background. She and Yang Jian’s wife were both daughters of dugu family, so Li Yuan was cousin to Emperor Yang Guang of the Sui Dynasty.In the early days of the Sui Dynasty, Li Yuan was trusted by Yang Jian and Dugu Empress and appointed to an important position in the court.After the death of Emperor Wen of sui, Yang Guang ascended to the throne, and Li Yuan became the highest administrator of Taiyuan and Jinyang regions, with heavy power in his hands.In fact, on the way to Taiyuan, Li Yuan was already planning the rebellion, because just before the departure, good colleagues warned him to be careful.Why would a colleague say that?Therefore, emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty at this time suspicious of the court officials, many court officials have been killed, this sign also gave Li Yuan a reason to rebel for self-protection.2, as opposed to do bedding tang gaozu’s family background also gave him eminently advantage, in shanxi during the work, as the insurgents blustery, southern tang gaozu through the power of the government constantly, but in the process of hunting have, general, continuously expand their own power, it also arise and laid a solid foundation for later, as a result, tang gaozu is a wily politician.In addition, under the inspiration of Li Yuan, the eldest son Li Jiancheng and the second son Li Shimin are also handsome in many latent knot, make friends with heroes, and network all kinds of talents everywhere.3, the determination of li Yuan although all kinds of preparations, but still lack of determination, the second son Li Shimin see in the eyes of urgent in the heart, and Then Jinyang county magistrate Liu Wenjing secretly planned the specific matters of the rebellion, only to be ordered by Li Yuan.In order to speed up Li Yuan’s determination, Pei Ji, the deputy director of the Palace of Jin Yang, put several maids of honor into Li Yuan’s room after li Yuan was drunk. When Li Yuan woke up from the wine, Pei Ji said that it was a grave sin to let maids of honor serve li Yuan, and if he did not raise the army now, he would report to the official.Li Yuan saw all the people were persuading him to move, and with a variety of possible methods, finally, a ruthless heart, decided to move.In 617, Under the banner of “aiming to honor Sui”, Li Yuan appointed Yang Yu as emperor. He set out from Jinyang in July and arrived at Chang ‘an in October, welcoming his successor, Yang Yu, to the East Palace.In the following year, Emperor Yang was killed by Yuwenji, and Li Yuan accelerated the schedule of usurping the throne. Two months after Yang Guang was killed, Li Yuan forced Yang Yu to abdicate and abdicate himself. At this point, the Great Tang Dynasty was established, and Li Yuan also became the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Tang Gaozu.5, summed up for Li Yuan’s uprising and destruction of Sui, is the situation forced or premeditated?We can see through the historical facts, during the reign of emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty, people scattered and people in danger, in the pursuit of self-protection at the same time, perhaps everyone thought of the rebellion this road, but it is a road of no return, such as victory, such as defeat is ashes.Li Yuan can be said to have made all the preparations, but also under the popular expectation, completed the destruction of sui dynasty and the construction of Tang Dynasty.Although Li Yuan only stayed on the throne for eight years, he did lay the foundation for the Tang dynasty and gave it a chance to stand out in history.