Northern Europe is not peaceful!The Danes withdrew in a fury;Storage of nuclear waste near Sweden’s capital;Finland distanced itself

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No snowflake is immune from an avalanche!The five Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland), with their advanced economies and high welfare, are considered to be paradise on earth, even “the world of the future”, but that does not mean they are not at all free from the world.In the grand chess game of international relations, the Nordic countries are also deeply involved.Three recent developments are noteworthy.1. The Malian government said it was “not welcome”, and Denmark angrily withdrew its troops.Denmark announced on January 27 that it would withdraw from Mali because it “cannot tolerate” the transitional government’s earlier statement that the Danish government’s presence was not welcome.Since I’m not welcome, I’ll just walk away!This spirit of shame deserves to be emulated by some big countries that love to interfere everywhere.What is the background and origin of the event?Originally, in August 2020, the west African country of Mali broke out in a military mutiny, detained the current president, replaced his own head – former defense minister Ndo as president.In May 2021, N ‘Dour resigned and Goita took over. Mali is still in a transitional government.North and West Africa are France’s traditional sphere of influence, and France has more influence in Africa than even the United States.Mali’s transitional government is not pro-French. In order to maintain its military presence, France deployed an anti-terrorism task force named “Sharp Edge” in Mali after the incident and invited Denmark to participate.The force is nominally there to keep the peace, but it will put a lot of pressure on the transitional government, after all, western countries have done a lot to send troops to fight dissenters and prop up favoured forces.The Malian transitional government has also seen clearly that it repeatedly asked France to stop its intervention, indicating that it does not trust France.Denmark is sending only about 90 soldiers, and Mali asked Denmark to withdraw just after they arrived last week, a warning to France not to overreach.Africa’s poor, war-torn countries are often beyond their control.Denmark has reached back, but France is unlikely to let up.2. Sweden plans to build a nuclear waste repository near its capital.On January 27, at a meeting of the Swedish government, the nuclear fuel management authority proposed the establishment of a nuclear waste storage facility in Fushmark, 139 km from the capital Stockholm, which has been approved.Built 500 meters underground, the repository can store 12,000 tons of nuclear waste in 6,000 copper tanks for burial.Swedish experts claim the facility could safely store nuclear waste for up to 100,000 years and help Sweden wean itself off fossil energy.On closer inspection, however, things look strange.First, the construction of nuclear waste storage is very risky, once geological movement extrusion damage or man-made damage, the consequences are unimaginable.What is the concept of 12000 tons?Heavier than the 10,100-ton Eiffel Tower in France!Besides, Sweden is built just over 100 kilometers from the capital, so the risks can be imagined.The disposal of nuclear waste is a global headache.A U.S. plan to build a storage site in the Yucca Mountain desert ran into strong opposition but was scrapped.France has advanced nuclear power technology, which accounts for more than 70 percent of the country’s energy, and plans to set up a storage site east of Paris were also rejected.Second, there are more than 400 nuclear power plants in operation in 38 countries, but nuclear power is a highly efficient and clean energy source that produces a small amount of reflective waste, though hazardous.By building a repository of this size, Sweden will be one of the first countries in the world to open up storage of highly active nuclear waste.In addition, Sweden dare to build next to the capital, but also to their own technology is fully at ease, to the international show.Once the first one is built, the second one and the third one can be built when the technology is mature and the ability to export nuclear waste storage technology can be mastered.3. The United States encouraged Finland to enter the Conflict between Ukraine and Russia, but Finland rejected it coldly.By the side of the couch, do you allow others to snore?As luck would have it, Finland sits right next to the bear’s bedchamber, sharing a 1,340km border with Russia and acting in its own right as a barrier between Russia and northern Europe.U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken hinted on May 19 that he would like Finland to join NATO.But Finland’s prime minister did not respond positively, saying it was “highly unlikely” that His country would join NATO, at least during his term in office.After all, if Finland were to join, Not only would Russia’s borders be seriously threatened, but its north-western access to the sea would be completely blocked by NATO.But relations between the West and Russia are so tense and delicate that the countries in the middle buffer zone naturally dare not offend either side. Finland is also wary.On January 27, Finland’s prime minister said the decision to buy 64 US F-35s was made before tensions between NATO and Russia escalated.The order was originally approved by the Finnish government in December, and the aircraft would not be delivered until 2025 at the earliest, despite recent developments.Finland’s solemn statement at this juncture is dispensable on the surface, but the implication is that it will not be one-sided with the United States and give Russia a reassuring message.