Related to your personal information, medical treatment and a batch of new regulations from February implementation!

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Coming into February, there will be a large number of new regulations officially implemented.Medical and health institutions, medical insurance and other service information should be actively disclosed, movable property and guarantee of rights unified registration services are more standardized, the Yangtze River basin clear measures to prohibit capture management……Your life and mine will change in these areas.These medical and health institutions should voluntarily disclose their information, according to a regulation jointly issued by the NHC and other departments that will take effect on Feb 1.The Measures apply to medical and health institutions, including primary-level medical and health institutions, hospitals and professional public health institutions, and further clarify the scope, methods, responsibilities and supervision of information disclosure by medical and health institutions.According to the measures, medical and health institutions that have the following information in accordance with the characteristics of their own institutions and their actual services shall voluntarily disclose the following information: basic information of the institutions, public service functions;Department distribution, personnel identification, identification guidance;Service content, key disciplines and medical technology access, service process and instructions;Related service process information of public health and disease emergency treatment;Medical insurance, price, charges and other service information;Information related to health science popularization and education;Bidding and purchasing information;Construction of clean conduct;Consultation and complaint methods;Other contents that shall be disclosed voluntarily as prescribed by laws, regulations and rules.The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) and 13 other government departments jointly revised and released the Measures on Cybersecurity review, which took effect on Feb 15.The measures include data processing activities of network platform operators that affect or may affect national security into cyber security review, and make it clear that network platform operators with personal information of more than one million users must apply for cyber security review to the Cyber security Review Office when they go public abroad.According to the actual needs of the review, the CSRC has been added as a member of the network security review mechanism, and the national security risk assessment factors have been improved.Unified registration service for Movable property and Guarantee of Right more standardized The Unified registration Method for movable property and Guarantee of Right issued by the People’s Bank of China came into effect on February 1, and the Registration Method for Pledge of Accounts receivable was abolished at the same time.The Measures clearly states that the parties who register independently through the unified registration system and provide a general description of the guaranteed property shall be able to reasonably identify the guaranteed property, and shall be responsible for the authenticity, integrity and legality of the registered contents. The credit Investigation center of the CENTRAL Bank shall not conduct substantive examination of the registered contents.According to the CENTRAL bank, the Measures will further clarify the scope of unified registration of movable property and guarantee of rights, the registration institutions and responsibilities, refine the registration content, optimize the registration and inquiry operation process, and better guide market subjects to standardize the registration and inquiry activities of movable property and guarantee of rights.Public enterprises and Institutions such as Water Supply, gas supply and heat Supply should set up information Disclosure consultation window The Implementation Measures for Public Enterprises and Institutions such as Water Supply, Gas Supply and Heat Supply issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will come into force on February 1, and the old measures will be abolished at the same time.The measures require public enterprises and institutions such as urban water supply, gas supply and heat supply to promptly disclose relevant information in various forms at the locations of users for the convenience of the public.In case of emergency such as water, gas and heat cut off, relevant information shall be disclosed to the local traditional media and new media platforms in a timely manner.At the same time, information disclosure consultation window shall be set up to respond to the concerns of service objects and the public within a limited time.Regulations on the protection and management of Aquatic life in the Yangtze River, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, will take effect on Feb 1.The Regulations on the Protection and Management of Aquatic Organisms in the Yangtze River emphasize the situation of fishing prohibition in the Yangtze River Basin, which stipulates that fishing is prohibited in the nature reserves with aquatic organisms as the main protection objects, the core areas of aquatic germplasm resources protection areas and the important habitats of aquatic organisms in the Yangtze River Basin.To advocate correct, healthy and civilized recreational fishing behaviors, and prohibit illegal fishing behaviors such as one person with multiple poles, multiple lines and hooks, and the sale of caught objects.The regulations of Beijing on blood donation came into effect on Feb 1.The regulation raises the upper age limit for healthy citizens to donate blood voluntarily.In order to give more preferential treatment to blood donors, on the basis of lifelong exemption of clinical blood use fees for blood donors, the spouses and immediate relatives of blood donors have cancelled the time limit of “exemption within 10 years” in the past, and can also enjoy lifelong free equivalent blood use.Zhejiang “Zhejiang Province sports training institutions access guidelines” from February 1 into effect.Require sports training institutions to provide a start-up fund of no less than 300,000 yuan;Coaches of off-campus training institutions should hold at least one of the six certificates, including the professional title certificate of sports coaches stipulated in the guidelines;In principle, the number of students in each class should not exceed 35, and more than 10 students should have at least 2 teaching staff.Shanxi Province: High risk industries will carry out work safety assessment and scoring. The Provisions on The Work Safety Responsibility System for the Principal Persons in Charge of Production and Business Units in Shanxi Province will come into force on February 1, 2022.According to the regulation, production and business units in high-risk industries such as mining, hazardous chemicals, metal smelting, construction, and transportation should implement the method of scoring points for work safety assessment for their chief executives.(Zhang Yi-lin)