Taixin Integrated Economic Zone (Taiyuan District) begins “laying the foundation”

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Taixin Integrated Economic Zone (Taiyuan District) began to “lay the foundation” municipal supporting facilities construction will be launched, including heating, water supply, gas supply, power supply, sewage treatment, sanitation six parts to build a “multi-source and one network” overall heating pattern, planned to build 6 million square meters of gas storage peak adjustment station, new daiyu Industrial New city sewage treatment plant……In order to comprehensively promote the construction of Taixin Economic Zone and build the north engine for the development of urban agglomeration in central Shanxi, Taiyuan city actively promotes the construction of various facilities in Taixin Integrated Economic Zone (Taiyuan District).March 15, Taiyuan city urban and rural management bureau came to the news: by the bureau responsible for organizing the implementation of the Taixin integrated economic zone (Taiyuan District) municipal supporting facilities construction is about to start, including heating, water supply, gas supply, power supply, sewage treatment, sanitation and other six parts.To construct the overall heating pattern of “multi-source and one network” and implement the construction of central heating in Taixin Integrated economic zone, according to the principles of unified layout, unified design, unified implementation and unified management, establish a centralized distribution and combination, a variety of energy complementary, sufficient surplus, flexible heat network system, safe and reliable operation of the heating security system.Overall consideration planning layout, energy configuration, heating elements such as demand, follow the “adjust measures to local conditions” “one island one policy” positioning, build in cogeneration, industrial waste heat, methanol + hydrogen gas + electricity + + heat storage, such as the heat source on the basis of the new energy centralized energy island, distributed energy sources such as geothermal, air source, water in the island for emergency load “multi-source network” heating pattern as a whole.The central centralized energy island covers an area of 85 mu, with a designed heating area of 8.89 million square meters;The pressure isolation heat exchange station covers an area of 60 mu with a heat exchange capacity of 15 million square meters.Yangqu Heat source Plant to Taixin Avenue (pipe diameter 1.2m) connecting line project 2.9 km.In addition, with the construction of 17 first-batch roads such as Taixin Avenue, the heating pipe network laying project of 104.33 kilometers was carried out simultaneously.In order to provide safe, sufficient and reliable water source for taixin Integrated Economic Zone and ensure the construction and development of Taixin Integrated economic zone, hutuo River and Yellow River are determined to be used as the water source for Dabuan Industrial New Town, forming a dual water source and opposite water supply mode.Recent construction content includes: expand external water transfer, promote taiyuan city’s second surface water source – Hutuo River water diversion and water supply project construction, the implementation of shangyuan water plant project, the water plant is located in shiling pass 1 km south, Taixin Avenue east shangyuan village;Tai Yu Surface Water Plant and water supply service and maintenance base project, the water plant is located in the north of the intersection of Tai Xin Avenue and Tai Yun Expressway, east of Tai Xin Avenue;Implement the yellow East Line pressure station project, the pressure station is located at the foot of Qiqi Mountain, about 6 kilometers away from the current Taixin Avenue, north of Huangni Road, about 1.5 kilometers east of the Yellow East Line pressure station to add the mid-way stack pump station;Implement the northeast corner pressure station project, which is located at the southwest corner of Shahe Street and Dayun Expressway.In addition, the project of water supply and reclaimed water pipe network laying was carried out synchronously with the construction of 17 first roads such as Taixin Road, in which 143.53km of water supply pipe network was laid and 65.89km of reclaimed water pipe network was laid.In order to ensure the stable and sufficient gas supply in the planning area of Dabuan New Industrial City, ensure the safety of gas consumption, balance of gas supply and demand, and reasonable layout of facilities in the planning area, it is clear that the newly built Dabuan New Industrial City gas supply system is based on The Guxianmen station of China Resources.For the residents, commercial, industrial and heating boiler users in the overall planning of Taixin New Town, the short-term annual gas transmission will be 200 million m3, and the long-term annual gas transmission will be 1 billion m3.The construction content includes: building a Yangqu CR Dabumen station, and connecting the gas source to Dabufen transmission station of Shanxi Natural Gas Company.The planned construction location is on the west side of taixin Road and the south side of the first station of Petrochina Dabuan, covering an area of about 6.699 mu.Along with the construction of the gas pipe network, 4.3 km of sub-high pressure gas pipe and 59.4 km of medium pressure gas pipe were constructed, which were completed synchronously with the progress of road construction.In the long term, the project of peak gas storage and maintenance center will be implemented. With the development progress of the new urban area, a peak gas storage and maintenance station of 6 million square meters will be built to meet the demand of peak gas regulation in emergency situations.In order to satisfy the reliable power supply of Dabu Industrial New Town in Taixin Economic Zone, one 500 kv substation, six 220 kV substations and 14 110 kV substations are planned to be built according to the regional land utilization plan and industrial development layout.Among them, the start-up area is expected to have a load of 900 MW, and three 220 kv substations and seven 110 kV substations are planned to be built.The core area is expected to have a load of 204 MW. It is planned to build a 220 kV Substation in Xinzhuang, and supply power to the core area with the existing 110 kV Dayu station.At present, there are one 110 kV station (Dabuan Station) and one 35 kV station (Nanbai Station) to supply power to the park, which can meet the demand of construction electricity in the near future.It is planned to start implementing the main transformer and capacity expansion project of 110kV Dabu Station and the 220kV transmission and transformation project of one Xinzhuang in the core area in August this year, so as to improve the power supply capacity of the existing substation as soon as possible and continuously guarantee the reliable power supply of the park.In order to strengthen the sewage treatment capacity of Tai-xin Integrated economic zone (Taiyuan District), improve the capacity of sewage treatment facilities and sewage collection efficiency, and realize the full collection and treatment of urban and rural sewage, a new sewage treatment plant was built in Dabuan Industrial New Town.Big jar industry new town sewage treatment plant located in the southwestern side too Xin economic zone larger dishes core in the centralized municipal land, total design scale of 200000 tons/day, covers an area of 301.5 mu, the first phase of 50000 tons/day, covers an area of 87.25 mu, adopted the ground type is decorated, treatment technology is proposed to enhance biological denitrification and phosphorus removal AAO magnetic + coagulation sedimentation + D type filtration process,Ultraviolet disinfection, effluent water quality index reached class IV water standards, other indicators for class A standards.Sludge dehydrated to 60% after external disposal.In order to improve the investment environment of Tai-xin integrated economic zone (Taiyuan District), enhance the regional comprehensive competitiveness, realize sustainable development, scientifically arrange the sanitation facilities, and build the comprehensive environmental sanitation base of Dabuan Industrial New Town.The comprehensive sanitation base covers an area of 60 mu, and the construction contents include: the transfer scale of domestic waste classification and transfer center is 250 tons/day, and the first phase will implement 125 tons/day;1 workshop for storage and melting of snow melt agent, which can store 300 tons of snow melt agent;A new parking lot for sanitation vehicles (including 45 charging piles), which can park 90 sanitation vehicles;A new comprehensive building, including garbage collection and transportation intelligent control platform, propaganda and education center, office space, with a total construction area of 7,200 square meters.Source: Shanxi Evening News