The Russian president has ordered refugees from eastern Ukraine to be accepted into Russia

2022-06-23 0 By

Toutiao news official account, before reading this article, please click on the upper right “attention”, every day you like the content, you pay attention to, is our attention.(shanxi) real-time information on February 19, Russian President vladimir putin ordered local time on February 18, that requires the secretary of the Russian emergency ministry agent immediately to rostov states, to provide guarantee to accept refugees in eastern Ukraine, and ask the relevant departments to each states into rostov’s eastern Ukraine issue 10000 roubles aid refugees.Statement: The text, video and pictures are all from the Internet and major mainstream media.Copyright belongs to the original author, if you think the content is infringed, please contact us to delete.Welcome to like, follow, forward, contribute or leave your opinion, and interact with us.Shanxi real-time information. Editorial office submission email: supervision hotline: 15203467960