The view of Shuimen Bridge of Chojin Lake

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– The watergate Bridge, a sequel to the movie Chosin Lake, is a more intense battle over a bridge that must be captured by American volunteers.The Us army was not a paper tiger to be pushed down, but a steel beast armed to the teeth. It was no match for the brutal Japanese army and the unconquerable German army. The US also had the only nuclear weapon in the world at that time, and even the mighty Soviet Union had to evade it.After the test of World War II, the United States army not only has rich combat experience, but also has the three-dimensional coordinated combat capability of land, sea and air that we do not have. Their weapons and ammunition flow continuously, logistics support continuous, compared to our logistics supply is simply a world of difference.Our volunteers not only have the fearless spirit to face death, but also have the heroic spirit to die together with the enemy. Even in the last battle, they never give up, trusting those who are still alive to risk their lives to inform their brother troops of the enemy’s defensive situation here, so as to win the final victory.A lot of people see cry, my heart also exceptionally heavy grief, how good how good soldiers, soldiers fall one by one batch, blood on the flow – snow burning, bright red blood dyed the red – white snow, voluntary army soldiers of attachment to the motherland is like Snow White was true, their iron will blood pride DanZhanXinHan give attackers.Smoke melted into the night, artillery interwoven shuttle, even if has been covered all over with cuts and bruises, no one stepped back!American planes swagger unscrupulous investigation repeatedly hit back and forth, the whole valley flames, nowhere to hide on the snow-capped mountain north Korea, the latent camp many casualties were blown recognition, it didn’t take long to leave again more destructive Molotov cocktails, human and earth were burned black charcoal, logistics was torched, particularly important cannon has been destroyed.The volunteers were suffering from cold and hunger, and the American canned food they had stolen was a pittance compared with the American army’s almost extravagant logistics.Weapons are far inferior to people, American tanks and heavy artillery, a bomb a large area, even if we play the superb combat effectiveness of light infantry, pay heavy casualties to seize the Watergate bridge can not adhere to, a heavy artillery bombardment was snatched back by the United States;American sniper’s gun is with a scope, a shot a accurate;Machine gun fire swept away a large, by the people in the play is strong firepower to shreds blood into a mass of mist, film art can only represent the scene clips, actual more bloody battlefield, even under the condition of such hardship from environment, the volunteers brave men also have no fear and back, but the man of iron will to the limit,Blew up the Watergate Bridge three times.Eyes swelling all over the wounded Meizheng adhere to the line of fire, with Bazooka god cannon hand flat river decisively holding explosives and tanks, Wu Qianli drain the last drop of blood pulled the trigger detonated the bomb once again blew down the Watemate bridge, if not for the United States armed with black technology, must be able to bury them all.I was confused. Did we win?Bloodied rivers of dead bodies everywhere, the cost can be said to be disastrous huge, the bridge of steel seven almost all sacrifice, only one miraculously survived, all the way to chase the American army can still let them run;Did the AMERICANS lose?The scheme to encirdle the volunteers on the east and west lines collapsed, and for the first time they were surrounded by an Oriental army and almost annihilated. Their hubris to drive to the Yalu River for Christmas became a joke, but most of them escaped, leaving behind only their heavy equipment.When our nine corps main pursuit to the seaside, the United States has blown up the rest of the supplies, smooth by warship from the sea calmly retreat, we do not have the tools of pursuit, looking at the sea, helplessly looking at the United States out of the encircle and helpless, leaving many regrets!We must always bear in mind that science and technology are both the primary productive force and the primary combat effectiveness. In the face of absolute strength, all combat skills cannot change the overall situation.Volunteers three times to blow up the bridge, even the piers of the Watergate Bridge to blow up, think that the American army is doomed to be born, but the powerful military logistics support ability of the United States has exceeded our imagination, they use helicopters to lift a number of Bridges dropped down, so that the First Marine Division jedi rebirth, escaped the fate of being annihilated.”Fight with one blow, lest all blows come.”Without the martyrs bloodied the battlefield with the iron will of the world’s most powerful American army back to the 38th parallel, there would be no peace and happiness for us today.Otherwise, we can have a round dinner in the New Year, happy to climb the mountain, comfortable to see a movie?It will probably all go up in smoke.The world is still far from being peaceful. Many places are beset by wars and turmoil, and people in many countries have been displaced and starved.The Chinese people’s volunteers deserves the most venerable and most lovely person in the world, they are small arms infantry peak, in the history of any enemy to covet and arrogance of the politicians and military adventurers to weigh, when new China was founded just poor, face the 16-nation coalition forces are never afraid didn’t yield, and can prevail.Now our country has developed into the world with the most complete industrial system of the manufacturer and the largest commodity trading nation, establish independent system of modernization of national defense, China’s steel output ranked first for many years, more than half of world output, coal, cement, food, electricity and other important indicators Is the world first, our weapons and equipment update in several generations,In addition to a few backward equipment, we not only have the same variety and quantity as our rivals, but also catch up with them in quality and performance, such as J-20 fighter jets and type 99 tanks. We even have several unique unique skills: DF-17/21D /26 anti-ship missile, 055D drive, long-range rocket launcher and so on.Long sleep in foreign land in the ice and snow of the volunteer army martyrs, you can finally smile jiuquan, gratified to see today’s Chinese people’s Liberation Army confidence and strong, without a detour, now we can only use a word heroic shout new slogan: fried!Easy to achieve full fire coverage and saturation strike.Today’s motherland we not only inherited the martyrs never yield heroic indomitable spirit, but also have the ability and strength to resist the enemy outside the country, dare to call all the enemy to ashes and ashes.– 2.1 In Optics Valley, Gaoxin Road, Wuhan