The wedding industry earned 84 billion yuan in one year, and the bride price in Zhejiang was 183,000 yuan, the first in China. The Women’s Federation resisted the sky-high bride price

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The year of the Tiger is approaching, and many people are rushing to get married in the year of the Tiger. However, the situation is different this year. In the past, the situation of preparing rich bride price is restricted, and many departments and local governments have proposed to resist excessive planning and sky-high bride price.Wedding has always been attached great importance to many people, many families would rather bear greater economic pressure, but also for the sake of face and banquet, wedding, so that the profit space of domestic wedding companies has risen sharply, even the wedding industry can earn 84 billion yuan in a year.By the end of December 2021, Chinese young people spent an average of 220,000 yuan on marriage, up 3.5 times from six years ago, according to a domestic survey.According to the overall statistics of the domestic wedding industry, in 2021 alone, the income scale of the national wedding industry reached 84 billion yuan.Interestingly, though, 5.89 million young couples married in the first nine months of 2020, compared to 5.88 million in 2021, a drop of more than 10,000.In other words, the scale of young people’s marriage is decreasing, but the scale of consumption is increasing, indicating that young people are spending more and more money on marriage, of which the bride price is also part of the wedding.Bride price is a tradition that continues from ancient times to the present. Although it has been recognized and supported by many families, it has changed its taste today. Some families in many provinces and cities use the name of bride price to collect money from the husband’s family in disguise.In some economically underdeveloped areas, the idea of marrying a daughter is to charge the man a high bride price to marry the boy in the family.In China, the average price of bride price in Zhejiang province has reached 183,000 yuan, ranking the first in China.After Zhejiang, Heilongjiang province ranked second with an average price of 152,000 yuan, followed by Fujian province with 131,000 yuan, jiangxi province with an average price of 112,000 yuan, and Inner Mongolia ranked fifth with 110,000 yuan.Since then, the price of bride price in other provinces and cities has not exceeded 100,000 yuan, but in these five provinces and cities, the average price of bride price reached 70,000 yuan.From the perspective of economic development, the standard of bride price of Zhejiang is far higher than other provinces and cities in China because of its overall relative wealth, while heilongjiang and other four provinces have relatively backward economic development and relatively prominent labor loss, so the overall development level is not high.Regardless of local development, the problem of high bride price has become a major factor preventing many young people from getting married.In April 2021, a survey was conducted among young people in Jiangxi and other places in China. Most of them said they could hardly afford such a high bride price.Even in the second half of the same year, most people said on social media platforms that they would not talk about betrothal gifts if they got married in the future.But it has also sparked a backlash from many women, who say they can’t justify their parents’ hard work raising them without some compensation.There are also some women said that the bride price level actually does not matter, but at least there should be such a expression, otherwise their white to marry others how many psychological a little gap.It can be said that in the context of high bride price, the debate between the husband’s family and the wife’s family has not stopped. How does the country view this issue?On Jan 27, the All-China Women’s Federation, the Civilization Affairs Office and the Ministry of Civil Affairs jointly issued a statement calling for promoting virtues and changing customs in 2022.One of the most important things mentioned is that the wedding should be as simple as possible, follow the new simple wedding, do not make a big deal, extravagant.The women’s Federation and other organizations have resisted the sky-high bride price, arguing that such wasteful behavior will not only bring serious financial burden to families, but also encourage the atmosphere of luxury and competition.Finally, the Women’s Federation also mentioned vulgar marriage and other behaviors, in a word, for the marriage problem.The state has made it clear that it wants to move as close to the idea of civilized frugality as possible.However, this kind of regulation is only an appeal and advocacy, and there is no strict regulation, so it still depends on the negotiation and consciousness of each family.Do you have any good ideas about the sky-high bride price and the cost of getting married?