Trends | Hanyin goes to Liyang to help Jiangsu and Shaanxi cooperate in consumption

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On February 23, hanyin county rural revitalization bureau “Li han collaboration members consumer helping hand in hand” with plaque activity and liyang city “love support” to promote rural revitalization work conference held in liyang city government conference room, liyang city vice mayor Cui Bin to attend the meeting and delivered a speech, hanyin county rural revitalization of bureau, liyang city bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the bureau of finance, trade unions and other 26 units,Each town (district, street) and Hanyin county youxian home agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd. responsible person to participate in the activity, Liyang Agriculture and rural Bureau deputy director Tan Jianying chaired the meeting.At the meeting, Hanyin County rural revitalization Bureau of Liyang community over the years to carry out consumption help hanyin county to consolidate the link of rural revitalization work sincere thanks, and said that the future will further deepen cooperation, for Liyang city’s consumption help to provide quality products, build a better cooperation platform.The meeting site for Liyang Bureau of Agriculture and Rural areas, finance Bureau, federation of Trade unions, Nan Du town 2021 consumption help more than 100,000 yuan units presented a “Li Han hand in hand with a pro-consumption help” plaque.Hanyin is liyang city counterpart support areas, in recent years, liyang invest a lot of support funds, at the hanyin county industry development and labor employment, talent cultivation, the compassion donation to actively support in many aspects, together with the hanyin precise planning su shan cooperation projects, stick to support key, and established the multi-level and multi-channel, many in the field of support collaboration.In particular, it innovated and built a new way of consumption help and li Han to jointly build the brand of Hanyin agricultural products, took the consumption help platform as the leading demonstration, strengthened the industrial development alliance of hanyin fresh home, and built a special museum for hanyin poverty alleviation products and consumption poverty alleviation counters in Liyang.In 2021, consumption assistance achieved remarkable results, with consumption assistance of 42.842,400 yuan in the whole year, an increase of 39% compared with 2020. Among them, the sales of certified poverty alleviation products of “832 platform” reached 13.12700 yuan, an increase of 721% compared with 2020.To further strengthen consumer support work, Cui Bin requirements, one must persist the crucial poverty fighting spirit, the whole unit of liyang city agencies continue to carry forward the “progressive” spirit of striving, with strong determination to “can can”, contributing to both the revitalization of the mighty power, to further consolidate development support, do a good job in liyang HanYin dual rural revitalization of this great article,Carry our country industry, talent, culture and other fields comprehensive communication collaboration, third, we will give full play to the function of support vector, liyang city consumer support task of the organs, enterprises and institutions, to rely on “832” platform and liyang city carrier for the consumption of poverty alleviation counters, zone, etc, buy HanYin region agricultural and sideline products, power HanYin development of rural industry.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: