Why are most of the succulents in greenhouses born in groups of bulls?That’s the way to keep your succulents

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Today, a meat friend asked the elder tang: why are the meat in the greenhouse basically grown in groups of many heads?Greenhouses in the group of fleshy meat usually we start with meat will find a very interesting phenomenon, that is, in addition to some “fine control” fleshy, most of the other fleshy are long group state.Most of our own succulents are single-headed — ebony, primordia Corolla, Chihuahua, Orange Monroe and Brandy, to name a few.Jade cup east cloud super large group why the big meat in the greenhouse is basically the condition of long group?The answer to this question is simple:Although we are not shed, but online shopping often fleshy knew greenhouses built in places such as yunnan and shandong peninsula, the more the climate environment in the area of the two is the place where the most close to many domestic meat natively, under the condition of the time and location, greenhouses have much meat more than good state, at the same time, the speed of growth speed and the critical lateral bud faster,And curing time is a bit longer a lot of fleshy nature becomes long group condition.In addition, the group wax peony in the greenhouse fleshy greenhouse in order to speed up the reproduction rate and growth rate of meat, as well as make them mostly into a long group of state, but also the following operations: one.Cast a wide net and catch many fish.Greenhouse breeding many meat is not the same as we known, then they are all the breed of large area, take the fleshy leaf inserted, the same variety of disposable at least on the hundreds, even thousands of pieces of blade, and breeding base is so great that shed Lord will naturally choose the best leaf cutting seedlings to cultivate, such as the kam, compose and long,The rest of the single head leaves inserted seedlings will certainly be left to the last to deal with, try to ask in such a way of operation, how can the greenhouse cultivated out of the meat is not the condition of multiple clusters?Growing succulent with nutrient – rich medium.Succulent greenhouses cover a lot of land, have a lot of interior space, and the climate is so good that instead of using granular soil, succulents are grown with nutrient-rich media like peat and perlite (like Hera in the image below).Succulents in such a soil environment growth not only grow fast, and the speed of the explosion of lateral buds is also fast, some of their own like group succulents a year and a half can reach the state of explosion pot.Hera 3 is raised from peat soil and perlite.Give succulents plenty of water during growing season.Climate conditions and curing environment were good, the process of curing meat more natural isn’t much scruples, such as growing greenhouses to water are often more meat “see dry wet”, and under the condition of special long enough moisture and growth phase (” open hanging area “extreme weather, less fleshy can grow long state), much meat to grow long spread state is easy.Rain tears without trace old pile four.Fertilize often to promote growth.Experienced meat friends know that greenhouse meat is basically big water big fat to push long, especially the master of the fleshy variety, their stem from the bottom to the top are green, what does this show?This means that the mage has grown this high in a year, but could it have grown so fast without fertilization?It’s obviously very difficult to do!Fertilized lu shi Jin Wu.Sometimes directly and selectively planted.As most meat lovers know, ground succulents grow faster than potted succulents and are more likely to grow in groups.And although our climate conditions are difficult to plant more meat, but more meat “hanging area” is not a big problem, some greenhouses in order to improve the growth rate of more meat, usually directly choose to plant, so that a year or so time can be sold more meat.If we learn from the greenhouse cultivation method, such as low proportion of soil particles (about 50 percent), growing season watering frequently, at the same time, the appropriate fertilization, that meaty is also easy to grow into a cluster of multiple conditions.This article by tang Elders meaty notes original (part of the picture from the network), welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!