Yongding district recalled “old altar pickled cabbage” noodles more than four thousand packages

2022-06-23 0 By

In recent days, Yongding District market supervision administration to carry out “unified old altar pickled cabbage” “Master Kong old altar pickled cabbage” food sales special rectification action.Up to now, 249 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to inspect 216 food businesses of “Unified Laotan Pickled cabbage” and “Master Kang Laotan Pickled cabbage”, recalled a total of 468 boxes and 4009 packages of laotan pickled cabbage noodles involved, and initiated product recall procedures for two laotan pickled cabbage brand agents.Since CCTV exposed “tukeng sauerkraut” insider on March 15, Yongding District Market Supervision Administration immediately carried out “unified old tan sauerkraut” and “Master Kong Old tan Sauerkraut” food sales special rectification action.The action is mainly aimed at the storage, sale and recall of the general agents, wholesalers, supermarkets, food operators and other pickled cabbage series products such as “Unified Old tan pickled cabbage” and “Master Kong Old tan pickled cabbage” in this area.The merchants who continue to sell wholesale will be ordered to immediately remove the shelves and seal them up, and whether the main body of the food business owner has fulfilled the requirements for certificates and invoices will be inspected.At the same time, also interviewed “unified old tan pickled cabbage”, “Master Kong old tan pickled cabbage” agents, informed the immediate recall of the products involved.(Tian Guixue Zhou Juan)