“Zero breakthrough” in cross-border e-commerce business of Horgos Highway Port

2022-06-23 0 By

On March 10, horgos customs officers were sealing goods exported from cross-border e-commerce.(Photo by Su Wen) Urumqi Evening News full media (Reporter Li Ningyan) At around 13:00 on March 10th, six container trucks loaded with cross-border e-commerce goods were assembled at The Horgos highway port and left the country smoothly for Kazakhstan.This marks that Horgos Highway port has achieved a “zero breakthrough” in the field of cross-border e-commerce business, and has realized the simultaneous landing of three customs supervision modes of cross-border e-commerce business, such as general export of cross-border e-commerce, direct export of enterprise to enterprise and export of overseas warehouses.”This is our first attempt to transform from a traditional trading company of agricultural exports to a new business type company of cross-border e-commerce. We have changed from on-site contract signing to online transaction, and effectively offset the impact of the global epidemic by relying on the convenience of cross-border trade and cross-border payment.”Yu Chengzhong, the head of the company, said that with the advantage of the Horgos land port, the company will grasp the development of cross-border e-commerce, explore the road of transformation and development, and further expand the international market while becoming stronger and bigger.As a new form of business to promote the high-quality development of foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce has achieved full coverage of the four modes of cross-border e-commerce import and export business at Horgos railway port, fully demonstrating the function of the port as a transit channel.However, Horgos highway port relies on the three customs clearance operation modes of “swing and hang transportation, boundary bridge handover and container lifting” to realize the local assembly and shipment of cross-border e-commerce goods, and realize the transformation from channel economy to port economy.In order to promote the steady development of cross-border e-commerce, Horgos Customs actively links with local governments and port units, sends policies to key pilot enterprises, and guides them to develop cross-border e-commerce. It also establishes a liaison system to provide timely guidance to cross-border e-commerce enterprises from filing to cargo collection, transportation, declaration and other links.It is convenient for enterprises to complete reservation clearance and rapid inspection through smart platforms such as “Internet + Customs”, “Single Window” and “green channel” for cross-border e-commerce, constantly improve the quality and efficiency of customs clearance, ensure that goods of cross-border e-commerce are cleared and released as soon as possible, and promote the rapid development of new business forms of cross-border e-commerce at ports.Huoerguos customs order 2 meters in long beach, coco, “buy, said in a variety of cross-border electricity business model, under the support of cross-border electricity more quality and efficient customs clearance environment, enterprise declare cross-border electricity more simplify the formalities of goods, logistics and inspection more convenient, also make from around the country after the goods at the port, direct rapid clearance from the port of export,It will help enterprises expand overseas new markets and tap new customers by taking advantage of new business forms, and actively integrate into the “double cycle”.