Be careful of beauty!Hangzhou girl spent 10 yuan to have her ears pierced, only to be admitted to hospital

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Nowadays, such behaviors as eyebrow tattoos and pierced ears are becoming more and more popular among young people. Fairies who love beauty may wonder whether they should get their ears pierced.Just be careful with your ear piercing!Some time ago, In order to pursue fashion, Xiao Wang (pseudonym) from Tonglu, Hangzhou, spent 10 yuan in an ornament shop in Tonglu street to have his ear pierced in the position of cartilage above his ear.A few days later, the swelling on both sides of the ear did not disappear. Instead, it became bigger and bigger, accompanied by pain, and slowly began to flow yellow pus.Foreboding wang came to tonglu County Hospital eye, ear, nose and throat department.Director of the Department of Eye, ear, nose and throat, Shentu Yinhua, said that the clinic often encountered some patients like Wang, after the ear piercing wound inflammation.In particular, if the ear is pierced into the cartilage, it is easy to get infected if the disinfection is not strict.Fortunately, the doctor cut the abscess part of the ear in time and drained the abscess, and carried out incision drainage and antibiotic treatment.At present, wang’s ear wound has gradually recovered.An ear piercing creates a permanent hole in the lobe where the earpiece can be worn.Earlobes can be divided into small earlobes, normal earlobes and large earlobes.One of the keys to getting your ears pierced is choosing the right location.The best position of the pores is to make a horizontal line at the bottom of the tragus notch. At the inner 1/3 of the horizontal line, make a vertical line downward and divide the vertical line into three equal parts. The upper 1/3 is the perforation point.There are three types of people who are not suitable for ear piercing: 1. For people with scar constitution, it is easy to form scar after ear piercing, which affects the appearance and may lead to scar tumor in serious cases.2. People who are allergic to metal, once they wear metal earrings (nickel, gold, etc.), are prone to allergic reactions, resulting in the symptoms of contact dermatitis such as swelling, itching and pus of the surrounding skin.3. People suffering from acute inflammation or chronic skin diseases of the ear should be perforated after inflammation is controlled or skin diseases are cured.The best time for ear piercing is March and September. The weather in these two months is neither too hot nor too cold, which is conducive to the repair of the ear piercing wound.In summer, the human body is easy to perspire, penetrate into the wound, easily cause inflammation and lead to scar, easy to infection.In daily life, attention should also be paid to avoiding squeezing and touching the ear when washing face and sleeping. At least 7 days after the ear piercing, water should not be touched to keep the ear piercing dry and ventilated.Gently rotate the needle daily to prevent it from sticking to the skin.Do not touch the hole with dirty hands or turn the needle frequently.After surgery, 75% alcohol should be used to disinfect the wound 1-2 times a day. Vitamin C can also be taken orally to help the wound heal. If there is inflammation and infection after puncture, seek medical attention as soon as possible.At the same time, pay attention to small ear studs or tea twigs placed to prevent ear hole closure caused by earlobe foreign matter.·END· Contributed by Tonglu County Health Bureau reprint please note “Healthy Hangzhou” ★★