Changsha released ten typical cases of consumer rights protection

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Watch minor illness overhaul, ordinary pepper fake “camphor Port” Changsha issued ten typical cases of consumer rights protection;In 2021, Changsha market supervision system for consumers to recover economic losses of 661343 million yuan Changsha Evening News on March 14 (all media reporter Zhou Huixia) simple watch demagnetization has been falsely listed maintenance projects to charge high fees, ordinary agricultural products as geographical indication products sold, free beauty experience to induce consumers to top up a large amount of money…On the eve of “March 15”, Changsha Market Supervision Bureau announced the top ten typical cases of consumer rights protection in 2021, involving hot spots and difficulties in safeguarding rights such as clock maintenance, food safety and prepayment consumption.In 2021, centering on the theme of “protecting safe and unimpeded consumption”, the market supervision system of Changsha will focus on improving the system of safeguarding rights, continuously increasing the intensity of consumer rights protection, saving economic losses of 66.1343 million yuan for consumers, and striving to create a safe and convenient consumption environment.On March 15, 2021, the CCTV “March 15” party exposed the Hunan branch of a Beijing watch Co., Ltd. for famous watch maintenance, the simple degaussing failure of the watch through minor overhaul, false maintenance fraud consumers.After the program was exposed, law enforcement officers from changsha Market Supervision Administration rushed to the company overnight to investigate and collect evidence and file a case for investigation.After checking, the company in the process of repairing watches, for many consumers to repair the watch only degaussing and other simple treatment, but virtual list “maintenance/replacement balance wheel;Maintenance/replacement of hairspring, timing wheel;Maintenance/replacement of automatic wheel “and other maintenance items are charged.The bureau according to the “People’s Republic of China consumer Rights and Interests Protection law” “Hunan Province consumer rights and interests protection regulations” relevant provisions, the parties to fake repair projects to cheat consumers by confiscation of illegal income 11690 yuan, a fine of 100,000 yuan of administrative penalties.On April 29, 2021, the chili Industry Association of Xiangyin County Zhangshu Town requested the law enforcement department to stop the sale of counterfeit “Zhangshu Port chili” infringement.During an on-site inspection of a supermarket in Yuelu district, the market supervision administration found chili labeled “Zhangshugang Chili” being sold in its store, which the association identified as fake.As, some agricultural products co., LTD. Changsha “camphor tree Hong Kong chili” registered trademark without authorization, also did not ask the supplier for and verify “camphor tree Hong Kong chili” registered trademark under the condition of the relevant evidence materials, gave its procurement of ordinary pepper distribution sales to many supermarkets, in shipping documents, general commodity labeled “camphor tree port of hot pepper,”According to the name of the product, the supermarket will label the goods for sale as “Zhangshugang chili”.The registered trademark right holder on the spot identification, the sale of “zhangshugang pepper” is counterfeit products, the parties involved in the sale of fake “Zhangshugang pepper” total amount of 9,595 yuan.According to the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China, the bureau imposed a fine of 20,000 YUAN on the party concerned.On November 2, 2021, the market supervision department supervised sampling of 2 batches of bottled alpine well water of a brand sold by a drinking water business department in Ningxiang.After inspection, the specifications of 18L barreled Gaoshan well water (production date/batch number: 2021-10-28), pseudomonas aeruginosa and nitrite do not meet the requirements of national food safety standards.The nitrite item of 11.3L barreled Alpine well water (production date/batch no. 2021-10-30) does not meet the requirements of national food safety standards, and the inspection conclusions are unqualified.After investigation, the above 2 batches of unqualified bottled water are produced by ningxiang city a drinking water Co., LTD., a total of 1054 barrels of production, in addition to the remaining sample self-inspection 4 barrels, the rest has been sold.According to the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, ningxiang Market Supervision Administration imposed an administrative penalty of confiscation of 4,725 yuan of illegal income and a fine of 50,000 yuan.The market Supervision Administration of Changsha County immediately organized the identification of six bottles of liquor labeled “Kweichow Moutai” flying (with a cup), 53%VOL, 500ml net content, which were bought in a tobacco hotel in Changsha county.The appraisal report issued by Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd. confirms that the goods mentioned above are not manufactured or licensed by China Kweichow Moutai Distillery (Group) Co., Ltd. and are the goods infringing the exclusive right to use the registered trademark of “Kweichow Moutai”.According to the investigation, the hotel bought the 6 bottles of wine from informal channels at 1,000 yuan/bottle in August 2021 and sold them to the informant at 2,750 yuan/bottle, with a total illegal business amount of 16,500 yuan.According to the trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administrative Penalties, the bureau made an administrative penalty of confiscation of infringing goods and a fine of 50,000 YUAN to the parties concerned.In March 2021, the market supervision department carried out sampling inspection on two types of antelope electric blankets sold by a supermarket in Changsha High-tech Development Zone.Through experience, both kinds of electric blankets are unqualified products.After investigation, the party purchased 4 xiaolu advanced temperature regulating electric blankets from a trading company in Hunan, and 3 of them have been sold.Purchased 7 small antelope temperature regulating electric blankets, 6 of which have been sold, with total illegal income of 147.96 yuan.After receiving the unqualified product notice, the party shall post the product recall notice in the store and recall the said product.According to the Product Quality Law of the People’s Republic of China, changsha Market Supervision Administration shall confiscate the unqualified products, confiscate the illegal income and impose a fine on the parties concerned.On July 11, 2021, Fan complained to liuyang Market Supervision Administration that he fell into the water and was injured while rafting in a valley on July 10. There was no rescue staff and it was only after 20 minutes that he was rescued by workers at the next scenic spot.There was no stretcher after rescue and the complainant walked another 2 km.There are no safety tips or professional rescuers in the scenic spot. The complainant hopes relevant functional departments to verify and urge the person in charge of the scenic spot to take the initiative to contact and assume responsibility.Liuyang market supervision administration after receiving the complaint, in conjunction with the bureau and the local ZongZhi text brigade wide body, judicial departments to mediate, reached an agreement on July 30, complaints company one-time compensation of the complainant, 33000 yuan (including the medical treatment of pay of 3000 yuan and 3000 yuan), and pay compensation on the spot to the complainant account balance payment 27000 yuan.At the same time, liuyang municipal Commission of consumer protection has asked relevant departments to urge scenic spots to carry out safety checks and rectification.On November 10, 2021, Ms. Shen complained to the Market Supervision Administration of Tianxin District, saying that a store sold two boxes of a brand of sheep milk powder, 400 grams per tin, a total of 24 cans, at a price of 5,980 yuan, to her empty-nesters.Later, she found that the label of the milk powder can was not complete, and the one-time purchase was too large. Her family actually consumed only two cans in two months, and the health care effect was not as obvious as advertised, so she asked for refund.After tianxin district market supervision bureau receives this complaint, carries on the spot inspection to the respondent’s business place, through the transfer takes in, sells, saves the record, discovers the sale situation and the complainant provides the receipt information to accord with.The relevant products sold by the respondent have purchase bills and qualified inspection reports and other documents, and there is no illegal act.After mediation, the sales representative of the complainant came to the door to refund the sheep milk powder purchased by the complainant.In the second half of 2021, several consumers complained that a gym in Ningxiang did not invest enough hardware and facilities, which did not meet the standards promised before opening and had a bad service attitude.Ningxiang Market Supervision Administration visited the person in charge of the investment side and the person in charge of the gym, urged them to quickly rectify and improve the business place, to provide consumers with a safe and comfortable consumption environment, at the same time to strengthen the education and management of staff, improve the quality of service.Through the municipal supervision department’s interview and supervision, the gym’s hardware facilities have been significantly improved, such as the swimming pool connected to the central air conditioning, water temperature to maintain about 28 degrees Celsius, staff service awareness has also been significantly improved, the mood of consumers gradually stabilized.On September 7, 2021, Mr. Yin complained to the Market Supervision Administration of Furong District, saying that he was attracted by a beauty shop staff to promote the free experience of the beauty project, and later persuaded by the shop staff, he successively used his pension to buy nearly 70,000 yuan of beauty project service cards.We hope the merchants can refund the fees for the projects that have not been done yet.After receiving the complaint, the bureau organized the two sides to mediate.In the early stage of mediation, the beauty shop thought that the complainant was a voluntary purchase of the service items, and there was no problem with the product, so they were not willing to refund the fee. After repeated mediation by the staff, both sides finally reached an agreement with each other, and the complained party refunded the fee of 26,000 yuan.All kinds of items to collect fat reduction services related to the cost of complainants to wangcheng District market supervision bureau complaints, said that its in Baidu to see a weight loss products after the contact to the business.The nutritionist that the businessman recommends persuades its to undertake recuperation first before reducing weight with a variety of reasons.Complainant handed in 3000 multivariate first, decompose adipose to hand in 18500 yuan after, the metabolic adipose that follows handed in 20000 multivariate again, finally the businessman urges its to pay charge again.Complainant thinks the likelihood was deceived, complainant hopes functional branch helps its safeguard rights.After receiving the complaint, the bureau found and interviewed the person in charge of the complained party and asked the complained party to handle the complaint properly.Under the communication and coordination, the complained party agreed to refund the consumer 38,000 yuan, and contacted the complainant on the spot to negotiate the refund.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: