Following fitness bands, cats have taken over hard-won game consoles

2022-06-24 0 By

In October 2020, Dr.Nintendo’s Fitness Ring Adventure is a good motion-sensing game, which has been in short supply, and some players have managed to buy fitness rings, but before they play them, their cat owners have taken them over.Unfortunately, cats themselves are not immune to the closed loop.”SomeGayGamer” has recently become a hot topic. His cat did not snatch the fitness band, but took possession of something else, which is the next generation console PS5.The reason, you can guess, is the cold weather.Although the start of Spring has passed, the temperature is still very low, and the cats at home are still afraid of the cold.SomeGayGamer noted that her cat loves to stay in a warm place, on top of her PS5.Although the cat’s sleeping position is cute, the creators were worried that the cat’s fur would fall into the console and that it would be inconvenient to use the console all the time. So they asked netizens if they could find a way to get the cat out of the playstation 5.Some suggested buying a heated cat house, some suggested an empty cardboard box that cats like best, and some suggested spraying the console with citrus perfume that cats hate, but SomeGayGamer said that nothing worked, and his cat still loves consoles!I have to say, with the development of game consoles, today’s game consoles in the process of running does produce a huge amount of heat, for the fear of cold cat star people, is really a very comfortable bed!Fun fact: Other cat owners who own game consoles also shared their own home situations under the post.Whether it’s the PS5 or the Xbox Series X/S, some older consoles, such as the Xbox One S and PS4, have not escaped the fate of becoming cat nests.For cats, a game console with a cooling vent is the perfect place to stay warm.”I bought a $500 heater for my cat” and “I didn’t get a PS5, I got a cat bed!””, “My master is comfortably lying on the PS4”, “I turned off the Xbox Series S and the cat still likes to sleep on it”, “I think my master likes the playstation better than the minions”, etc.Despite the variety of cats they have, they all love to use the console as their home and have a look in their eyes that says, “This is a cat from now on!”This got the doctor thinking about what to do with all the cats in the house.So get a stove!