Ningqiang County Bureau of Justice Bashan Institute of Justice to carry out solid “knowledge understanding” activities

2022-06-24 0 By

Since the “into the house, m m, solution difficult” activities, NingQiang county bureau of bashan judicial offices, based on epidemic prevention and control work key, around the center, the service general situation, act quickly, the area under its jurisdiction key regulatory objects and BaoFu gong of farmers to conduct a comprehensive visit, understand the problems that exist in the production and living,We will earnestly address the concerns and difficulties of the people and carry out publicity work on epidemic prevention and control.First, “entering knowledge and understanding” into households to solve people’s difficulties.A total of 74 households were visited in the area to learn about their work and family life and to help people solve 11 practical difficulties.Second, strengthen publicity on the epidemic.After receiving the order of epidemic prevention and control from the superior, the Institute of Justice immediately carried out the publicity of legal knowledge on epidemic prevention and control, communicated and distributed 21 epidemic regulations and illegal cases on wechat in all villages, and resolved 4 epidemic disputes.And coupled with the package Lian Village outbreak control propaganda, and implement the responsibilities for key areas returnees five package a home quarantine monitoring of 95 people, with a nucleic acid sampling, health monitoring, understand the isolation and health monitoring personnel needed by the life that occupy the home, help the articles for daily use, such as call QuanFan migrant workers on the Chinese New Year more than 80 people,Cooperate with the epidemic air defense checkpoint on duty inspection 1200 people.Third, we will strive to maintain social stability.In view of the village “into knowledge” activities to check out the contradictions and disputes one by one to establish ledger, timely resolve the sales number, to key letters and visitors again policy explanation, ideological guidance, to ensure social harmony and stability.Author: Wang Xuemei Editor: Wang Chenwei Editor: Zheng Libo Editor: Yao Qiming