Provincial Forestry Protection and Development Center vigorously promotes the efficient cultivation and demonstration of fine native tree species

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On January 22nd, the mid-term evaluation meeting of “efficient cultivation and demonstration of excellent native tree species”, a project of the provincial Agricultural science and technology Fund (forestry science and technology innovation) hosted by the Provincial Forestry Protection and Development Center, was held in Jinan.The principals of the five subjects under the project reported the main research content, technological innovation points, stage achievements and use of funds respectively.Invited experts li Wenqing, Xing Shiyan and Qin Guanghua commented on each project, fully affirmed the implementation effect of the project, and put forward suggestions for the next step.”Excellent native tree species and efficient breeding and demonstration project”, closely around the shandong modern forestry and ecological construction needs, with Chinese catalpa tree, pagoda tree, acer truncatum, Chinese prickly ash, pine, arborvitae, tassels, papaya, linden, goldenrain tree such as timber, landscaping, ornamental, woody oil good local tree species as an object, to carry out the screening of new varieties of excellent germplasm and application, optimize seedling breeding technological system,To demonstrate and popularize excellent new varieties and supporting cultivation technologies.Project since 2019, in the Chinese catalpa tree, acer truncatum and other 10 excellent germplasm resources mining native tree species, varieties breeding, new product development, and form a complete set of high efficient cultivation has made significant achievements, research and demonstration were kept good germplasm 364, screening of fine varieties and strains of 21, seven to develop new products, the construction of breeding base of 155 mu,609 mu of demonstration gardens have been built, 8 sets of efficient breeding and cultivation technology systems have been integrated, 152 person-time personnel have been trained, and the project achievements have been promoted and applied in 16 cities of the province.Jiang Yuezhong, the chief expert of the project, stressed that excellent native tree species have high adaptability, resistance to stress and economy, and are the basic resources for ecological civilization and forestry production development.Each subject to control specification, focusing on ecological vegetation restoration, scientific planting demonstration province construction in our province, rural revitalization and development needs, further in-depth study, to integrate group and cooperative unit technology, resources advantage, strengthen native tree species in the cultivation of new varieties of fine, more new technology, new technology, new product display demonstration, actively carry out technical training,To ensure the high-quality and timely completion of the task, to support the high-quality development of natural resources.(Provincial Forestry Protection and Development Center) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: