Secret food in a small village in Shandong province has spread across the country for more than 100 years

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“Big faint in the city, master in the folk.”In dalu village, a small village in Anqiu City, Weifang, there are several court delicacies that have been mysterious to the outside world — lotus chicken, Sixi pills, han meat and slip balls.Why does this court food “stray” folk?How do local villagers pass them down from generation to generation, and now they are “popular” all over the country?Dazhong · Poster news reporters approached the palace four major events, telling the story of the traditional food from hiding in a small village to the whole country.Weifang Anqiu Road village “palace four pieces” hidden in the small village “palace food” “human fireworks, the most touching people.Whenever the Spring Festival approaching, Linghe street Dalu village villagers began to busy, curling smoke, wanders from the local food unique fragrance.For more than 100 years, the local villagers’ New Year’s table has always been filled with these delicacies — lotus chicken, sixi pills, han pork and meatballs.”Aroma, crispness, elasticity, taste, beauty…This is the overall characteristics of the four pieces. The fragrance is thick, crisp and strong, the bullet is waxy and soft, the taste is pure, and the beauty is shaped.”According to dalu villagers, in this small village, many families can make these dishes.”The origin of these dishes is not common, the older generation said that it was spread from the palace.”Li Peilian, a daughter who married from Dalu Village, is so passionate about these dishes that she often tells them proudly to her children.This Spring Festival, her family has such a palace dish on their table.How did the four imperial pieces spread to the people?In recent years, Li Xiuzhen, who left Dalu village for college and worked in the media for many years, has been exploring the cultural heritage of her hometown. She has carefully explored and written articles to record the stories behind.Li Xiuzhen introduced, because the time is not far away, the four major inheritance of the context traced back to clear evidence.Folk history can be checked is that the imperial palace cook Zhang in his old age, returned to his hometown Qingzhou, by the emperor’s concession, take the palace cooking home to support his family, passed to his son Zhang Fuyuan.Zhang Fuyuan first cook in Qingzhou City, after moving to now Anqiu County Linghe Town Linghe village settlement.Linghe village sun family, and Zhucheng Liu Yong family generation marriage, there are two large courtyard in linghe south house and north house.”South house” Sun hired Zhang Fuyuan in its manor chef.Why are these dishes “mysterious”?According to Li Xiuzhen’s research, sixi meatballs, lotus chicken, han meat, meatballs and other palace dishes, due to exquisite materials and complicated labor, are rarely cooked at ordinary times, only in the south house wedding and other large occasions, to serve guests.Few were seen at that time, and all the tasters praised it.Subsequently, Zhang Fuyuan will be four pieces of cooking skills to teach his son Zhang Kishun, Zhang Kishun and the church of his son Zhang Inspiration and the same south house to play long work of the road people Sun Bocheng.In this way from generation to generation, until today become a gourmet.Another theory is that the Sun family of Ling Henan and the Liu Yong family of Zhucheng have been married for generations. Since the Qing dynasty, one generation called Liu Yong’s father “cousin Liu Tongxun”, it has been married for many generations.It is said that liu Yong family people to walk grandma’s home, have their own cook, Liu Tongxun Liu Yong is the Qing Dynasty palace officials, stay in the city of the family nature also get some of the palace of wealth to enjoy, so the kitchen will do some palace dishes.Every time the relatives of various cities come to grandma’s home, their own cook will bring the palace dishes to sun’s home, in the south house to do long work in charge of the stove before the fire Sun Bocheng, a little bit of learning four happy balls lotus chicken and other court dishes.”The production process of the four major pieces of the palace is complex and delicate. The food materials need to be processed carefully and the cooking also needs to be cooked with heat, which is difficult for the impatient people to master.”Zhang Guocheng, a villager in Dalu, runs a small restaurant in the village and is one of the representatives of the authentic “four palace items” in the village.He introduced that to make a good dish, sometimes it takes tens of millions of dollars of painstaking efforts, which tests both your skill and patience.”Among the four pieces, lotus chicken is the representative. Lotus chicken, as its name implies, is shaped like lotus, especially like a blooming white lotus flower.Some say it looks like white jade.’The shape and ingredients of the dish are the most important,’ says Mr. Zhang. ‘It’s best to pick a long-growing local chicken with strict ingredients, preferably chicken breast meat, and then make it through a complex process.’Year after year, many people in Dalu Village are deeply impressed by the production scenes of the four major pieces of the palace.Especially the wedding banquet and the Spring Festival, they worked together to make the palace four major scenes, lively and unforgettable.”When we got married, the banquet for table 70 and 80 lasted eight or nine days, and Uncle Sun Bocheng himself was the chef at that time.””Lee recalled.One of the stories she recounted in her essay on “The Four Great Events of the Court” is impressive.At that time several women in the courtyard chop meat, chop back pain and numbness of hands and feet, frowning asked sun Bocheng like a leader behind his back to patrol the old man: “Ye, ok?”The old man stepped forward to take a look, took the knife, sip it on the meat, said: “Not yet!”In three words, quick and easy, there’s no room for begging.So, had to brave to continue to chop.The meat for hanmi is the thinest, so when you slice it with a knife, it looks as smooth as dough, without any residue.That’s a lot of work!”Lotus chicken” has four inheritors “fire” to the whole country “four palace is handed down from several generations, in our hearts, the people in our village should be the inheritors of this traditional food, pass on the food.Talking about the palace of the four major inheritance, Zhang Guocheng said with emotion.”Nowadays, the demand for the palace’s four pieces exceeds supply and they are sold to many places across the country.”Zhang Guocheng said that with the development of The Times, the “four palace” of the road has been hidden in small villages from the “mysterious”, now to the far and wide, fragrance everywhere.”I made 1,000 sets this year. I was ready to make them a month in advance, and they sold out as soon as I made them.”Zhang Guocheng said, did not expect to sell so well this year, some people want to buy are not robbed goods, now there are five or six daolu village to do four big pieces, selling very well, some people also specially bought as gifts to Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places relatives and friends, Li Xiuzhen as a New Year’s goods express to the in-laws in Inner Mongolia.In Zhang guocheng’s eyes, these are not just a few dishes, but traditional “culture” and memories handed down from generations of local people, as well as the unforgettable taste of their hometown in the hearts of those struggling away from home.The palace’s four major pieces did not disappear with The Times, but “fire” inside and outside the province, with the local villagers for several generations to pass on the inseparable.Dalu Village has also produced an intangible cultural inheritor related to the “four palace”, he is the village’s late folk chef Jiang Peiyong, he is Sun Bocheng’s apprentice.Before his death, many villagers in the road knew that Jiang Peiyong had a title that villagers seemed to be resounding: the inheritor of anqiu’s intangible cultural heritage “Lotus Chicken”.In 2014, he participated in a local cook-off with lotus chicken and won first prize.This has increased the confidence of the dalu people in inheriting the four major palace items.The palace four famous, also can not be separated from the land of the deep human resources and regional advantages.Li Xiuzhen introduced that Dalu village was rated as a provincial-level civilized village in the 1990s. The village looks neat and tidy, and the economy is booming. In education, dalu Village has become a famous “Number one village”, and the village committee members are not only united, but also practical, and seize all business opportunities to lead the villagers to get rich.Around 2000, seeing that these palace dishes were becoming more and more popular, and jiang peiyong’s cooking was becoming more and more mature, li Zhiming, the village party secretary, assessed the situation and suggested jiang Peiyong to make these dishes bigger and stronger, promote them as an industry, and enter the market beyond the main road.Have market management, be about to have scale production, and must have brand consciousness.The support of the village committee has given everyone confidence and direction to inherit.As Li Xiuzhen said, the road diet is famous today, summed up these factors: one in economic conditions, eat not bad money;Second, in the “four major pieces” from the palace, there is the shadow of history, there is a noble identity, there is talk;Three in color, fragrance and shape;Four in the road people work honestly, from food materials to technology, from quality to price, do not steal work, do not reduce material, genuine price.”It can be said that the palace has reached a certain realm of cuisine: color, fragrance, shape and meaning, and five flavors and taste life.This level can not be said to have reached the highest, or even to have just begun.No matter from the production scale, or from the brand packaging, as well as food materials, varieties and so on, it is still needed to build and promote to a higher level.Internalized in the heart, externalized in the form.It takes a long and careful process to create a brand name.”Li Xiuzhen said that dalu people are outstanding, hope that the “four palace” in the efforts of generation after generation, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, in the time of brewing and test to become a hundred years of inheritance of the “time-honored brand”.This issue editor: Kobayashi focus on Weicheng service people’s livelihood wonderful information authoritative release submission email: