Shantou these two old park, reopen!I can’t stop shopping on weekends

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The “new” Overseas Chinese Park, here we come!Overlooking the harbor · Overseas Chinese Park for parent-child play has been reopened, which bears the memories of countless Shantou people: along the coast, there are always old men and women doing morning exercises;On the grass, moms and dads love picnics with their babies…In January 2022, it returned after renovation, and the updated Overseas Chinese Park is a good place for the citizens to exercise, play in water, and relax in the park.Shantou as the charm of modern coastal city ~ newly built Chinese study, Fan Guest garden, “four gold” and “mountain tiger” and other chaoshan elements of the tourist rest experience place after the renovation of overseas Chinese park to strengthen Mr. Zhuang Shiping statue, to express the respect of shantou people to overseas Chinese.Zhuang Shiping is not only the outstanding children of chaoshan people, but also the pride of Chaoshan people!There are also children’s amusement facilities in the park, swinging, water fighting, sliding…Children can play all day, is a suitable for family travel here to fly a kite, picnic in the park, shantou is one of the main cultural landscape, lawn clean, area is large, very suitable for free time at the weekend bring children playing on the grass to look forward to relentlessly for several years, the overseas Chinese park of shantou people memory, has an elegant, spring is coming,Shantou another good place for a family picnic party ~ | | | | address overseas Chinese park opening time 6 PM – 23:00 (free entry) open Shi Bao park!· Patriotic education Base Stone Fortress Park is a memorial park built from qilu Fortress as the main scenic spot.It will be upgraded in October 2021 and open to the public for free. Surrounded by a moat and connected by an arch bridge, the new space and time corridor has a strong sense of history, allowing the public to enjoy and educate. It is not large, but it has hidden extraordinary significance.The park also built an exhibition hall, telling the history of chaoshan coastal defense at that time, also telling the history of Shantou battery simulation cannon, tin figures are trying to restore the scene of the year;As a patriotism education base, Shi Bao park is shouldering the national defense knowledge popularization education, heritage coast history and culture, an important mission to carry forward the spirit of patriotism, of openness, character, knowledge, culture landscape city logo place Shi Bao park passing on their own cultural genes, go here can feel Chinese coast culture spread here,After converted to carry forward the patriotic culture of city leisure, patriotic “new” during the prosperous time is here again ~ during the winter vacation, mom and dad can bring home the children Shi Bao park feel history culture ~ | | address Shi Bao Taiwan park | | open all day free hello original edit some document from shantou shantou coastal park for overseas Chinese