The Russian government approved foreigners “investment for green card”, or our Chinese nationality high gold content

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Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshnikov held a press conference to announce that the “golden visa” bill has been approved by the government, allowing foreigners to invest 30 million rubles to obtain a long-term residence permit in Russia in six months through a fast-track process.Reshnikov said he hoped the bill would be passed in the Fall session of the State Duma and the simplified procedure would actually start by summer 2022.The bill simplifies the requirements for foreign investors and their relatives to obtain long-term residence permits.Foreign investors and their relatives will be allowed to skip the temporary residence permit stage and get a permanent residence permit if their investments in Russia meet the criteria set by the government.As a result, the time required to apply for a long-term residence permit will be reduced to six months.It usually takes at least one and a half years for a permanent residence permit to be processed, and foreigners need to obtain a temporary residence permit and live in Russia as such for one year before they can apply for a permanent residence permit.Russian passport is currently in Russia, and the simple procedure for obtaining a long-term residence permit is only for high-quality experts and excellent college graduates (with a red diploma).After the bill is passed, foreign investors will also be able to take advantage of the fast-track process.Special attention was paid to the formulation of investment standards for foreign investors.The Ministry of Economic Development prepared a draft of the standard in November 2020, but continued discussions with business and other sectors.The investment of 30 million rubles must be invested in one of two ways: either to establish a company, in which case it is very important to invest 30 million rubles in fixed assets and create jobs;Or make long-term investments in Russian real estate.Rouble RBC reported, according to the law, foreign investors’ relatives including: children, spouse, children, spouse, parents, parents of spouse, grandparents, maternal grandparents, grandchildren long-term residence permit for foreign investors what right property investment long-term residence permit for exactly the same with Russian citizens rights, except to take part in the election and the rights of the military service.It’s an opportunity to work, start a business and use social services.Accordingly, the persons who have acquired these rights are tax residents of the Russian Federation and are subject to tax.Holders of long-term residence permits are allowed to move freely within Russia, leave Russia and return to Russia freely. Such status is indefinite, but needs to be confirmed annually.See the world in the headlines