Tighten the “prevention and control line”

2022-06-24 0 By

In the face of the new round of epidemic in Shanghai, Xiangyang, Huanggang and Dawu Counties, the development zone has always given top priority to the safety and health of the people under its jurisdiction.We have adhered to the overall situation, refined all work measures, carried out nucleic acid testing, elimination and vaccination, tightened the “containment line” once again, and spared no effort to fight the epidemic.First, publicity vehicles, village noise, horns, banners, LED screens, Douyin, wechat groups and other ways to promote epidemic prevention and control knowledge, create a good publicity atmosphere, so that the public can grasp the authoritative information and scientific prevention and control knowledge of the health management of filial piety people in the first time, and enhance awareness of vigilance and prevention and control.To avoid spreading rumors or believing rumors and maintain social stability, it is necessary to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control in an orderly manner and implement epidemic prevention and control measures.Second, in daily epidemic prevention and control, employees of government agencies, community enterprises and other organizations should wear masks when entering and leaving workplaces, and all those entering and leaving workplaces should have their body temperature taken, and any abnormality should be reported in a timely manner.Through the publicity atmosphere, let the residents of the jurisdiction fully understand the importance of epidemic prevention and control during the Qingming Festival holiday.We advocate local festivals, as far as possible to reduce the density of people mourning, reduce the number of people gathering, take strict personal protection, wear masks to avoid gathering.Third, we will track and list those who return to filial piety in Shanghai, Xiangyang, Huanggang and Dawu Counties, and do a good job in nucleic acid testing and ledger work.To the area wanda, “two water market”, enterprises, construction sites and other key places and crowded areas to conduct dragnet investigation.Health codes, travel codes and negative nucleic acid certificates within 48 hours of the arrival or return of filial piety persons from other provinces should be checked in a timely manner, and “on-arrival examination” should be strictly implemented.Nucleic acid test shall be conducted once within 24 hours, and another nucleic acid test shall be conducted on the third day for those with stroke code no. ※.The 14-day centralized quarantine and control measures should be strictly implemented for those who are closely connected, sub-closely connected, accompanied by time and space, and those who are returning from medium-high risk areas.Fourth, THE DEVELOPMENT zones will be vigilant in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and take the most resolute, prompt and decisive measures to safeguard the achievements of the epidemic prevention and control in a strong, orderly and effective manner, and strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control work.Source: Chen Hu, Development Zone