What happens if two dogs are forced to stop mating?

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When dogs grow up, they want to mate.Some netizens said that they do not want dogs to have sex casually, so when two dogs are joined together, can they forcibly interrupt them? What will happen?In fact, it is a normal phenomenon for dogs to “mate” with their butts facing each other, and the process usually lasts for 10-40 minutes. This is to improve the pregnancy rate of female dogs and is a means of breeding dogs.So when two dogs are joined together, can they be forcibly separated?The answer, of course, is no. These are the consequences of forcibly interrupting your dog’s mating.Dog “mating” is a normal physiological phenomenon, and if someone forcibly interrupts it, it will be very harmful to the dog.Male dogs may suffer damage to their lower body, or even fracture, while female dogs may suffer from smooth muscle strain, ectopic uterus, shedding, and even death, which is not something you can afford.Originally two dogs “locked” together for a long time, this process makes them feel painful, emotional is also more nervous, if forced to separate the dog together, it will make them constantly struggle, it will aggravate the pain of the dog, this time the dog will become irritable, angry.When an angry dog wants to bite and attack, you are vulnerable to injury.There’s no point in forcing dogs apart because you don’t want them to get pregnant.Because most of the mating has been done by the time a dog’s butt is attached to its butt, the female has a good chance of becoming pregnant.If you don’t want your dog to get pregnant, watch your dog in heat.What are the consequences of forcibly interrupting the “mating” of two dogs?That the dog might get back at you.Dogs are relatively stingy, you so bad its good, do harm to it, then the dog may hate you, hate you, in the later life, it may find the opportunity to revenge you, the most common is to tear down the house, urinate on your bed and so on.Your dog probably won’t trust you either!You can’t afford that either.In fact, it is very irrational to forcibly interrupt the dog’s mating. If you don’t want the dog to mate casually, you must watch the dog in heat and go out as little as possible. If you want to go out, you must wear a leash, and the female dog must wear physiological pants for it.When the dog is in heat, due to the change of hormones in the body, it will become irritable and its appetite will drop. At this time, the pet owner can choose some good palatability dog food as the staple food.Conclusion: Would you mate your dog?Let us know in the comments section