Xigu District concentrated on carrying out special actions to control window advertising to improve the city appearance environment

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Law enforcement officers clear window advertising Lanzhou Evening News on February 16, Xigu District city administration combined with the “five special rectification action” on the street facade renovation of the relevant requirements, concentrated window advertising special management action.Nowadays, the Windows of some street shops in urban areas are plastered with advertising, and the advertising content is varied, which affects the urban appearance environment to a certain extent and causes visual pollution to people.According to the requirements of grid management, Xigu District Urban Management Bureau conducted a comprehensive investigation of streek-facing shops in the area by combining point, line and surface, and thoroughly identified the sections and periods of window advertisements that are prone to occur by combining three-dimensional case statistics.In the investigation, the city management law enforcement officers also take the initiative to promote the city management laws and regulations to businesses, to clarify the impact of randomly posted window advertising on the city appearance environment, encourage businesses to clean up their own advertising, consciously maintain the clean and tidy window.Solid area in the process of governance, the west city administration combined with MoPai situation and daily work, in accordance with the principle of “districts in charge, the responsibility to the people”, take “service, management and law enforcement” trinity, the workings of a wave of 15 blocks, 25 block, zhuang west road, park road, waterway, such as the difficult area for centralized control,And take the initiative to use cleaners, cleaning shovel and other tools to help businesses clean up more than 20 illegal window advertising, restore the original appearance of the facade and window glass of shops along the street.At the same time, combined with the characteristics of shop window advertisement clearing difficulty and strong repetition, the urban management law enforcement officers further increased the frequency of household publicity on the basis of continuing to strengthen the daily inspection, patiently do the ideological work of the merchants, and persuade the merchants to standardize the operation.For individual businesses that still rebound after repeated persuasion and rectification, each squadron under the jurisdiction will be dealt with seriously according to the “Lanzhou City City Appearance and Environmental Health Management Measures”.Teng Xiaohongwen, a media reporter from Lanzhou Daily